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Category Analytics

Industry-leading category sales analytics. In-depth data providing product category and item attribute information, allowing for unmatched visibility into entire markets.

Competitive Sales Analytics

Powerful analytics into competing brands and products. Provides insights into competitor pricing, sales, trends, and competitive advantages.

Marketing Management

Amazon Marketing Management

Highly targeted analytical strategy for Amazon Sponsored Ads, Headline Ads, Coupons, Lightning Deals and other Amazon and AMS paid marketing operations.

Amazon Marketing Reporting

Detailed reporting and analysis of Amazon Sponsored Ads, Headline Ads, Coupons, Lightning Deals and other Amazon and AMS marketing activities

Pricing & MAP

MAP and authorized retailer tracking software. Catch violations as they happen for every product listing. Report violations from every major site.

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Reseller Database

One of the largest databases of Amazon third-party sellers in the industry. Our reseller database includes Amazon IDs, distributor account numbers, business addresses, ownership information, website IPs, and more

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Listing Management

Amazon Content Creation

Creation and management of curated Amazon content. Full optimization of product titles, descriptions, bullet points, A+ pages and EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) pages.

Amazon Content Project Management Tool

Content creation and project management tool for collaboration amongst multiple users within a company. Allows for designers, marketing directors, R&D and legal to collaborate on the creation and approvals of listing content.

Amazon Content Accuracy Tool

Content comparison tool to ensure content accuracy vs. what is published on Amazon. Custom alerts and detailed error notifications for teams to identify errors and quick fixes.

Full Amazon review management software. Engage customers with review responses. Sentiment analysis and custom trend reports.

About Us

At ClearCut Analytics, we think of ourselves as one big family. We believe that building a team with great people yields even greater results. We come to work every day (some of us with our furry, four-legged friends) excited about the work that we do. We don’t treat each other like bosses and employees; we are all co-workers and family.

Our attitude translates directly into the quality of work that our clients receive. We are proud to have industry-leading technology, reputation and experience — but where we truly shine is in the level of service we give our clients.

In an industry filled with uncertainty and quickly-changing rules, we strive to provide clarity and stability. We offer the data, strategy and advice necessary to make better informed and timely decisions that can set brands on the proper path forward.

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