Apple Cider Vinegar: Skyrocketing Growth & Demand for Organic Products

Apple cider vinegar has been a hot topic in the natural health world for years, boasting benefits from weight loss and sugar regulation, to acting as a household cleaner and minimizing adult acne. When analyzing consumer shopping behavior over the past 24 months online, it’s blatantly clear that apple cider vinegar is not just a short-term craze, but a supplement with strong staying power. Read on to learn why.

Apple Cider Vinegar is Growing at an Extraordinary Pace

When analyzing the timeframe of May 2019 to April 2021, apple cider vinegar experienced a 107% YoY growth rate on Amazon. This is a remarkable statistic and positions apple cider vinegar as one of the top five most in-demand supplements on the market. While its gains are partially due to the pandemic driving consumers to shop online, the category was already on a healthy growth trajectory prior to March 2020. Now, moving well into 2021, we can see apple cider vinegar nearing a new baseline for sales — with consumers spending the same (or more) as they did prior to the pandemic. See the graph below. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Sales on Amazon ($)

Consumers Are Demanding Organic Products

Additional notable insights about apple cider vinegar are uncovered when analyzing consumer demand for organic products. For example:

  • 41% of apple cider vinegar products are marketed as being organic. 
  • 11 of the top 20 products on Amazon contain ‘organic’ in their title. 
  • Apple cider vinegar products marketed as organic experienced a 39% year-over-year revenue growth. While this growth is well below the growth rate of the total category, it is a steady and unwavering upward trend. 
  • 26% of products also mention the “Mother” (which consists of strands of proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria).

Gummies are Unstoppable

It’s not a big surprise that gummies are leading as a delivery form for apple cider vinegar, particularly given that Goli Nutrition commands ~60% of category sales and sells only gummies on the marketplace. However, it is worth observing that gummies are growing at a rapid clip, or 165% year-over-year. Below is an overview of the growth rate of gummies compared to other top delivery forms.

Apple Cider Vinegar Top Delivery Forms & YoY Growth Rates (%)

The Top 10 Brands Command Category Sales

Of the approximately 196 brands selling apple cider vinegar on Amazon, the top 10 brands capture 84% of the category’s market share. The top five brands include Goli, Bragg, Herbtonics, Mix Rx, and WellPath. When reviewing the performance of the remaining brands, ranked from 6-10, it seems that some may eventually maneuver their way into the top 5, given their year-over-year growth rates of up to 500%. 

Brands rising in the ranks within the apple cider vinegar category is actually not something new. Fo example, Nutrflair went from being ranked #16 in the category a year ago to #6 in the category. New Age went from #25 to #7. 


It is undeniable that consumers are still seeking out apple cider vinegar. Plus, consumers seem to be making purchasing decisions with a more environmentally friendly and health-conscious mindset. Want to discuss more details about apple cider vinegar sales online or predictions about the future of the category? Contact us today.

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