ClearCut to Present Active Nutrition Trends at the 2021 Naturally Informed Conference

ClearCut Analytics’ Vice President of Business Development, Dan Harari, will proudly present during the Naturally Informed Virtual Conference Series on June 30, 2021 from 11am to 12pm ET.

The Naturally Informed program is designed to keep suppliers, brands, and retailers informed on developments in the natural products industry. With this information, companies can make better business decisions and inform consumers about the opportunities, challenges, and issues surrounding natural products.¬†June’s active nutrition event brings together researchers, sports nutrition specialists and industry professionals. These thought leaders are bridging the gaps between cutting edge science, business strategy and key regulatory developments. It’s a one stop shop for the latest must-have insights in the world of sports and active nutrition.¬†

As active nutrition becomes more mainstream, Dan will discuss trends appearing on eCommerce. The presentation specifically dives into consumer purchasing patterns of workout supplements and protein powder over the last 24 months. To better understand the category, Dan will answer questions including:

How have online sales been affected by the pandemic? 

Which supplement benefits are most heavily marketed and are driving consumers to purchase? 

Which attributes (e.g., flavor, delivery method) are igniting growth in the category?

Joining the active nutrition panel will be FMCG Gurus’ Head of Research and Insights, Mike Hughes.

Active Nutrition

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