ClearCut to Speak at SupplySide Network 365’s Virtual Ashwagandha Summit

ClearCut Analytics will be a featured speaker at an upcoming Ashwagandha Summit, hosted by SupplySide Network 365 & KSM-66. This information-packed event will focus on “The Roadmap for Herbal Medicine and the Ashwagandha Market.”

Register for the event, taking place on September 2, 2021, HERE.

Presentation Overview

Traditional Wisdom and Today‚Äôs Ashwagandha Consumer: Custom Research Presentation and Amazon Market Data  

New Hope Next Data & Insights conducted a data dive into changing consumer thinking about traditional medicine wisdom. Key insights will be provided to get a better understanding of the US consumer’s feelings towards Ayurveda and Ashwagandha. 

Further illuminating the market opportunity, ClearCut Analytics will present custom market analytics on product movement for Ashwagandha SKUs and KSM-66 specific movement from the Amazon marketplace. Additionally, ClearCut will touch on what current dynamics mean for category growth and new product development opportunities online and in-store.


  • Dan Harari, Head of Business Development, ClearCut Analytics
  • Arthi Padmanabhan, Market Research Manager, New Hope Network

Want To Learn More?

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  • Set up a meeting with ClearCut to discuss Ashwagandha trends and what’s next for the subcategory here.