Collagen – No Longer a Buzzword and Flying Off the Digital Shelf

Collagen is proving to be more than a buzzword in the natural products industry. Today, it is an essential component of not only nutricosmetic and cosmetic products, but also of bone health, joint health, sports nutrition products, and more. Considering the growing range of applications for collagen, as well as its expansive set of potential customers, it is no surprise that collagen supplements are continuing to fly off the digital shelf — particularly on Amazon.

Collagen Sales Are Booming Online

Collagen supplements experienced a 59% year-over-year (YoY) growth rate, as of April 2021. Gains are partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic pushing consumers to eCommerce, but even moving well into 2021, consumers are still spending the same (or more) as they did prior to the pandemic. The graph below illustrates collagen’s growth with no regression in sight.

Collagen Powder is a Top Choice But Capsules Are Growing

Collagen comes in a variety of different delivery forms such as powder, capsules, and gummies. Today, collagen powder holds 85% of the category’s market share on Amazon, growing at a rate of 59% YoY. Capsules capture a smaller share of the market, or 10%, but are growing at a slightly faster rate than powder.

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