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Learn why eCommerce data and analytics are essential to driving brand growth. Beyond the Data Trusted Experts We are eCommerce

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The ClearCut Difference

ClearCut analyzes over $50 billion of eCommerce and Amazon sales data through our proprietary technology, transforming unorganized retail sales information into clear insights for brands to make strategic decisions with confidence. Our unique approach is what drives results and sets us apart.

Highly Accurate Sales Estimates

Our market insights platform leverages an algorithmic methodology for providing sales estimates that are 90%+ accurate, down to the product level. This approach ensures a reliable view into category dynamics and how your brand is performing.

Leading Indicators of Trends

24 months of historical and near real-time data for entire categories ensure trends are caught early, offering your brand better visibility into shifting consumer demands and the runway to strategically react.

Attribute-Level Analysis

Analysis of product characteristics, such as flavor, dosage, or delivery method, allows your brand to drill down deeper into what’s driving consumers’ purchasing decisions at the digital shelf.

Intuitive & Flexible

Our eCommerce analytics software offers flexible search, sorting, and display options for your brand to digest retail sales data and insights with ease. Plus, turn on alerts that matter most for enhanced visibility and convenience.

Custom-Built Categories

Products are categorized with precision and in alignment with industry standards, making sure your data is packaged in an “analysis-ready” format. Seamlessly monitor retail data trends without needing to comb through details for the ones that truly matter to you.

Impactful reports

Impactful Reports

Custom-built reports support translating data into impactful insights and stories. Plus, through data harmonization tools, align our eCommerce data with other sources for a holistic view at your fingertips.

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Learn why eCommerce data and analytics are essential to driving brand growth.

Beyond the Data

Trusted Experts

We are eCommerce and Amazon advisors with decades of experience in consumer goods. We understand the intricacies of the market and support our clients to extract meaning from our data.


We work with clients to define unique metrics of success from the start of a relationship. Metrics serve as an unwavering north star for progress and results.


Combine ClearCut’s data intelligence with our strategic services for a single eCommerce solution – rooted in data, guided by industry experts, and put into action.

What Our Customers Are Saying

ClearCut is everything I could look for in a partner. If executives come to me with a question, I’m a step ahead and have the answer because of their data.”

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See the power of our data and analytics for yourself.

The Importance of
Retail Analytics

The times of slow and steady, conservative retail strategies are no longer sustainable. In today’s CPG world, the most successful companies are leveraging retail analytics to make data-informed decisions for growing their business.

While brick-and-mortar retail data will continue to be useful for understanding consumption trends already accepted, eCommerce and Amazon data offer the first indicator of emerging trends and what’s next for CPG. These insights are critical for innovation, marketing strategies, selling into retailers, and more.

ClearCut’s eCommerce analytics software and supporting services not only position your business to accurately measure online performance and consumer trends, but also empower your brand to decisively act on valuable, forward-looking insights well before competitors. We provide an edge for you to do more than survive — we help you thrive.