Nutritional Product Trends for Growth Beyond the Pandemic

What You Will Learn

From an extraordinary surge in demand for immunity supplements to a greater willingness to experiment with new nutritional products and brands, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced unexpected shifts in consumer behavior. However, which behaviors were a short-term reactions to the pandemic news? And, more importantly, which behaviors are here to stay and will shape our new normal?

During this on-demand webinar from December 2020, ClearCut Analytics and New Hope’s NEXT Data & Insights discuss:

  • How consumers’ evolving values around their health have translated to category sales growth and declines during the pandemic.
  • Which nutritional product purchasing trends are expected to stick in 2021 and beyond.
  • Why product innovation is more important than ever for manufacturers, brands and retailers to grow their businesses.
  • How understanding eCommerce data plays a critical role in developing a sustainable go-to-market strategy.