Energetic Expectations for Electrolyte Supplements

While electrolytes can be attained through common foods, such as spinach, avocados, and almonds, consumers are increasingly turning to supplements to get their daily needs and stay hydrated. For example, when we look at consumers’ purchasing patterns of electrolyte supplements on Amazon, there has been a recent surge in demand:

The electrolytes category on Amazon has seen ongoing quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) growth, ranging between 22% to 44%, in the last two years. Plus, the electrolytes category saw year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth of more than 93%.

These numbers call us to question: are electrolytes experiencing an under-the-radar renaissance? Read on learn more. 

Top Delivery Methods

Most of the electrolyte supplement category’s revenue comes from products with delivery methods such as powder, capsules, and liquid, each offering ease and convenience of consumption. In the last 12 months, electrolytes sold as powder packets took up 46% of the total revenue, while those delivered in the form of bulk powder made up another 29%, which together totaled around 75% of the market share. It is noteworthy that electrolytes in the specific form of powder packets outperformed the category with a 118% YoY growth rate.

Beyond powder, capsules occupy 13% of market share, but had a YoY growth rate that was only half the rate of the total category. Conversely, liquid, which encompasses 9% of category market share, achieved an extraordinary 137% YoY growth.  

Top Brands 

The electrolytes market on Amazon is dominated by a handful of brands, and this oligopolistic trend appears to have intensified over the years. Here is why:

  • The top 5 brands from this past year collectively captured over 66% of the category’s market share; and the top 5 brands from the year prior collectively captured 61%.
  • The top 5 brands have also remained the same over the past 24 months, though slightly shuffled rank amongst themselves. For instance, Nuun dropped from the first to the third best-selling brand, with a 52% YoY growth. Liquid I.V. and Pedialyte, the current first- and second-best sellers, grew by 158% and 181% YoY, respectively. 

It is further notable to point out that there were two new brand entrants to the top 10 brands in the past year, including DripDrop, which went all the way from the 21st to the 8th best-selling brand, showing a tremendous 629% YoY growth.

Best-Selling Products

Even though there were 8 new entrants to the electrolyte category’s top 20 best-selling products this past year, all of the top 20 products were from the top 10 brands. The most recent top 20 best-selling products collectively attained a 142% YoY growth, with only 6 of them underperforming the category, and the other 14 seeing YoY rates up to 870%. Among the top 20 products, 10 of them had powder packets as the delivery method, and 5 of them had power as the delivery method. 

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