Giving Thanks: Team-Driven Success at ClearCut

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and as we get closer to wrapping up a challenging year during the pandemic, ClearCut wanted to recognize the gratitude we hold for one another. To do so, we sent out an anonymous survey where each of us had the opportunity to share why we are thankful for our teammates. Here are some of the survey responses, organized around key themes. 

Gratitude for Mentorship & Support

Danny is constantly learning new things that help to improve the company and drive it forward, but he always has time to talk through a problem or show you a cool new way of doing something. One innovative programmer!”

Lisa has taken on this opportunity while simultaneously helping other new members climb to their full potential. I am immeasurably grateful for her guidance, wisdom, and generous nature to help me navigate this new adventure.”

Sinan has always been more than open to helping and assisting in any way he can. He’s always positive, sets ambitious targets, but works to make sure we reach it.”

Jake is always willing to drop anything to answer a question that I might have. He is always wanting to better anyone on or off his team, whether it be a social media post or an idea that he might have. His positivity is amazing and he is always looking for new opportunities to help himself, the team or the company grow.”

Gratitude for Going the Extra Mile

Crystal’s work is absolutely critical for our business. Crystal is always willing to lend a helping hand and does so with a smile on her face. I am not sure anyone cares more about ClearCut and its employees than Crystal does.”

Michelle goes above and beyond to find new team members to join ClearCut and has even supported those who are not a fit with their next steps. She embodies our culture, is fun to collaborate with, and has the kindest heart.”

“I am grateful for the data team; Ana, Rigoberto, and Rafael for stepping up more than ever to help crush data projects.”

David has been an example of hard work and dedication from day one. I don’t believe I have ever heard him make an excuse for anything in the 7+ years that I’ve known him. I wish I had half of his work ethic. He is a class act with a huge heart.”

Gratitude for Positivity and Fun

“Danish keeps things light and finds creative ways to get in touch with prospects. Plus, he makes the team fun and hip to pop culture”

“I’m grateful for Terry being one of the most consistent and productive people in the company. He brings joy and a great sense of humor every day.”

“All the office dogs. They bring so much joy and fun to the workplace!”


Gratitude for a Team that Feels Like Family

“I’m grateful that everyone is safe, healthy, and hanging in there the best they can. This time has been extremely difficult on us all and our team has been absolute troopers, adapting where necessary and stepping up for those in need/without hesitation. It’s really nice to “come” to work every day knowing that there are so many people that have your back.”

“I want to say that I’m grateful for each and every member of this team. It is very exciting to “go” to work every morning knowing that I will learn something new and that my coworkers are awesome!”

“I am grateful for our entire ClearCut family. It is truly a blessing to work side by side with people you love and trust.”

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