Gummies – The Hot New Delivery Method

eCommerce analytics can tell you a lot about consumer attitudes, trends, and general purchasing decisions. These insights can be derived from intricate, nuanced analytics, as well as from very simple analytics. One trend we’ve been keeping a close eye on here at ClearCut is the popularity of Gummies as a delivery method for dietary supplements. This article will examine the rise of this delivery method over the past 2 years in various categories on Amazon. 

Gummies as a delivery method have traditionally been associated with children’s supplements. However, in recent years many brands have begun to offer this delivery method catered to adults and the general population. Out of a sample set of nine VMS categories, the number of products in Gummy form have increased by over 50% over the past 24 months. More impressively, when comparing revenue numbers of the past 12 months to the previous 12 months, we see an even wider gap. In comparing the 12-month periods, the previous period generated approximately $70MM in revenue; the most recent 12 months, on the other hand, saw a tremendous increase to $157MM in revenue, representing a 124% increase. 

According to the CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, 58% of adults purchase and use multivitamins, making it by far the most popular dietary supplement among adults in the US. If we look at the Multivitamin category on Amazon, we see that Gummies are the delivery method with the second-highest revenue. On top of that, it also has the highest year-over-year number, with 61% growth. This growth is further increased when we remove children’s vitamins from the dataset, resulting in 66% YoY growth for Gummies. 

Even in other categories where Gummies are a newer delivery method, their growth is staggering. In the Magnesium category on Amazon, Gummies are growing 130% year-over-year. There are currently only 5 gummy products sold, and 3 of these were released in the past year. These new products already have captured a combined $660,000 in revenue in less than a year. In the Turmeric category, Gummies capture only around 2% of the market, but that number has more than doubled year-over-year. Lastly, in the Vitamin B category, Gummies have grown by an incredible 606% year-over-year, with the delivery method representing over 12% of the category market share. 

It is clear that Gummies as a delivery method, even when accounting for supplements targeted at children, are trending upwards at an almost-meteoric rate compared to other, more traditional delivery methods.