How the Mineral Landscape is Solidifying on eCommerce

As COVID-19 has brought personal health to the forefront of every American’s mind, and as researchers continue to investigate links between COVID-19 severity and various deficiencies, iron, zinc, calcium and other mineral supplements have seen an unprecedented year. 

Additionally, factors including virus concerns and the bankruptcy of mineral mega-retailer GNC have led many supplement consumers to flock to online shopping. In the wake of this e-commerce transformation, many online sellers of mineral supplements have seen double or even triple-digit growth over the last several months.

ClearCut Analytics’ data shows that mineral supplement revenues on Amazon (the leading e-commerce destination of mineral shoppers) have increased 42% YoY to a burgeoning $137 million. Yet, this incredible growth has not been distributed evenly amongst products. Which products are prospering in this new era?

Of all the minerals, zinc has performed by far the best, with revenues up 163% YoY. Zinc’s heightened popularity is driven by consumers’ desire for improved immune function, especially during the early days of the pandemic. This is illustrated by products mentioning immune support in their title, which far outsold those that didn’t from March through May. While demand for zinc will likely remain heightened at least until a vaccine is found, early data suggests that this may not be at incredible levels seen in March and April.

Besides zinc, iron saw the next best performance, with revenues up 38% YoY. Promisingly, early data suggests that this growth will be sustained. Unlike zinc, iron sales show no signs of slowing.

One dark spot in an otherwise flourishing industry is Calcium-Magnesium supplements (Cal-Mag). Cal-Mag products have seen 0% YoY revenue growth on Amazon, which is a particularly harrowing sign in light of minerals’ high overall growth.

When it comes to delivery methods, ClearCut has seen the largest growth amongst gummies, with 83% revenue growth YoY. This strong growth is concentrated within calcium, iron and zinc supplements.

While exact growth rates vary by mineral and by delivery method, one fact is constant — in our new, health- and immunity-focused world, the demand for minerals is here to stay.

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