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Fuel your growth strategy with access to powerful market insights.

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Through unmatched eCommerce datasets and visibility, seamlessly monitor current category trends while also anticipating future market shifts 12-18 months before they hit store shelves. View trends by total sales, top-selling products, attributes, and more. Plus, always understand how your brand is performing within a category to gain a true sense of your market position.

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Track your competitors’ every move

Spend less time researching and more time analyzing the competitive intel your brand needs. Instantly compare top competitors’ sales, product offerings, and pricing strategies against your brand, while also revealing rising 1P and 3P competitors growing quickly or launching new products.

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Develop new products that succeed

Confirm every hunch your R&D team has about taking a product to market with comprehensive sales data and trends at your fingertips. Design products that truly address the types of attributes or characteristics (e.g., flavor, delivery method) consumers want and maximize your return on investment.

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Discover white space to expand

Pinpoint trending categories with limited competition. Then capitalize on this white space to expand your product line and bring products to market first when the cost to become relevant is low but the value of the prize is high.

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Enhance packaging and promotion

Guide your marketing team with data to inform packaging that catches consumers’ eyes and create promotional language that resonates. In addition, gain insights into similar products’ pricing strategies to ensure items are competitive across all channels.

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Justify budget with certainty

Prioritize your R&D, sales, and marketing spend with more purpose by having continuous visibility into purchasing trends. Put more budget behind what is expected to generate a strong return and pull back where there is less demand.

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See how a nutritional brand uses our analytics to develop winning products.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Instead of throwing darts in the dark, we’re making educated decisions with product development. We now have the data to promise a return on investment.”

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