Meet Gina: ClearCut’s Customer Success Manager

Gina Roberts is an integral member of the ClearCut Analytics team. In her role as Customer Success Manager, Gina’s primary focus is to ensure clients are deriving valuable insights from our eCommerce analytics, understand the benefits of our new product features, and are continuously happy and reaching their strategic goals. Gina is definitely considered the “glue” that holds many of our client relationships intact. We are lucky to have her aboard! Learn more about Gina below through our Q&A session.

What excites you most about working at ClearCut?

The health and wellness industry is booming right now. I think it’s really cool how much our portal and data can support our clients’ sales and product development needs. In a growing and competitive time for eCommerce, it is truly crucial to have the best data. ClearCut is really demonstrating that. It’s a great company to be a Customer Success Manager for!

How has ClearCut helped you with your career development?

I needed to get out of my comfort zone to thrive in my career. ClearCut has done that for me in a supportive and positive way. Additionally, I have been able to develop my Vitamin, Minerals, and Supplements knowledge further. That’s really awesome because that has always been a personal interest of mine, and I love that it now ties into my work as well.

What is your proudest moment at ClearCut?

I had my first annual review meeting that I led for one of our top clients and they followed through with the majority of our recommendations for 2021. It not only made me feel proud of the presentation and client relationship but also proud that our clients are seeing the value of our data and that they want to purchase more market intelligence and executive reports.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy working out, walking my dog, and being outside as much as possible. I really like trying new restaurants and cooking new recipes with my husband too! Plus, I train aerial silks at a circus school. I have performed, but mostly do it for the fun and to challenge myself. 🙂

ClearCut is grateful for Gina’s leadership and positivity, as well as her ability to analyze and exceed customer expectations. You can learn more about Gina’s journey and experiences at ClearCut by connecting with her on LinkedIn here. You can also find all of ClearCut’s job openings here.