Meet Michelle: ClearCut’s Recruiting Manager

Michelle Thomas is often the first face that job candidates see when meeting ClearCut Analytics. In her role as Recruiting Manager, Michelle leads our sourcing, interviewing, and hiring processes. She is constantly searching for innovative and passionate new minds to join us, and we are better for it. As she spearheads the recruiting strategy, she does so with a welcoming attitude and thoughtful approach. Learn more about Michelle below through our Q&A session.

What excites you most about working at ClearCut?

Every day is a new day where I get to meet new people and find the right fits for our positions. I am able to not only interview people from across the country but expand my network in the meantime and help others out. 

How has ClearCut helped you with your career development?

I have a very extensive background in hospitality that I thought was going to be my long-term career, but fortunately, this amazing opportunity with ClearCut opened up for me and I am able to use many of my hospitality skills with job seekers. I have hired, fired, and mentored so many people in my life and now I can do that again but in a different work setting. I enjoy finding the right fits for our company but also for the individuals that I speak with.

How has your team adapted to working virtually?

I think that the company as a whole has made a tremendous effort to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe while working at home. I think that our weekly calls really bring the teams together and we are able to talk amongst ourselves and able to see the different projects that the team is working on. Even though I have yet to meet anyone in person, I look forward to the day that we are able to in a safe way. I have thoroughly enjoyed our virtual holiday parties and celebrations as well and am excited for more to come!

What do you like most about ClearCut’s culture?

Everything, but no, really! I enjoy the fact that each person who works here is part of the big picture. Everyone is working together with the company goals in mind.

I also appreciate the flexibility at ClearCut. I have the flexibility and luxury to drop off and pick-up my kids at school and take them to activities. It’s very much a family culture that is about getting the work done, but not taking away from other important life factors.

We are immeasurably grateful for Michelle’s dedication to bringing on the best of the best to the ClearCut team. She is a clear representation of the positive spirit and collaborative mindset that make our team special. You can learn more about Michelle’s journey and experiences at ClearCut by connecting with her on LinkedIn here. You can also find all of ClearCut’s job openings here