Meet Viv: ClearCut’s Amazon Marketing Manager

Viv Crowell is a curious, strategic, and super-star employee at ClearCut Analytics. In her role as Amazon Marketing Manager on the Client Success team, Viv implements data-driven Amazon strategies for brands to accelerate sales on the marketplace. From supporting Amazon advertising and content to being clients’ go-to resource for analytical insights, Viv juggles a lot of responsibilities. Not to mention, Viv is a true artist when not at work! Learn more about Viv below. 

A Curiosity to Learn and Grow

Shortly after graduating from college, Viv’s journey with ClearCut began as a B2B Marketing Specialist for the company. However, when a position internally with Client Success opened up, Viv made the jump to Amazon Marketing Manager. Viv says that “My manager at the time saw something in my skill set that sparked the transition. It meant a lot to me.” 

In her current role, Viv is able to translate some of her B2B marketing knowledge to B2C marketing for ClearCut’s clients on Amazon. She also received additional training to set her up for success, but it’s her innate curiosity that makes her truly special and has enabled Viv to better support clients achieve positive outcomes. For example, Viv notes that:

My proudest moment at ClearCut was presenting a report to clients that they later used in a presentation to pitch to B&M retailers. I was just poking around […] and I knew it could help shed some light on the bigger picture.”

Viv further mentions that ClearCut’s overall culture supports her to challenge herself and go above and beyond for clients. “I love how everyone has a growth mindset at ClearCut. I never feel like anyone is stuck in their ways. People are open to change and growing themselves and the company.”

A Mix of Data and Art 

It’s not too common that you find someone passionate about data and art, but Viv is a great example. At work, every decision she makes for clients is backed up with data. She leverages data to analyze brand performance and creates intuitive reports to present results and recommendations for clients to reach their goals. Viv says:

What excites me most about working at ClearCut is I get to help companies reach their goals on eCommerce, and the data I present is used to make informed decisions.

Outside of work, Viv takes a break from data and is focused on creating art. “I love to draw! I use my creativity outside of work for art – especially for figure drawings […] I am really an artist at heart. I cannot do anything athletic no matter how hard I try. I also have great cursive skills if that counts too!”

ClearCut is immeasurably grateful for Viv’s positive energy and contributions to our clients’ success. You can learn more about Viv’s journey and experiences at ClearCut by connecting with her on LinkedIn here. You can also find all of ClearCut’s job openings here