More Women Turn to Amazon for Menopause Supplements

Many women will experience menopause in their lifetime. This stage of life may bring a host of symptoms, such as hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, and mood changes. To help ease these symptoms, women are increasingly turning to supplements. and the eCommerce data from ClearCut Analytics echoes this trend:

Revenue of the Menopause Supplements category on Amazon has been ticking upwards from early 2019 until now, showing YoY growth of roughly 47%. 

As with many other vitamin & supplement categories, revenues spiked from March through May in 2020. However, after that 3-month period, growth rates corrected back to levels similar to pre-March. Other than the spike in these three months, the MoM changes in revenue were relatively stable with an average of 3% to 4% change over the past two years. 

Delivery Methods

Menopause supplements sold on Amazon come in ten different delivery methods, among which capsules take up a majority of the market share and are projected to further expand in the foreseeable future. In 2020, capsules outperformed the category in three quarters, and underperformed, by a rather minimal margin, in the remaining quarter. Capsules accounted for 60% of the category’s revenue in 2019, and this number increased to 64% in 2020. In the first two months of 2021, capsules represented 68% of the market. Tablets had the second largest market share that stayed essentially the same, around 20%, over the same time period, and thus the growth potential for tablets does not seem as pronounced as that seen in capsules. 

The market shares of creams and liquids nearly halved in the same time period, dropping from 8% to 4% and from 6% to 3%, respectively. As a delivery method, pearls rose from the 5th-ranked to become the 3rd bestselling delivery method.

Best-Selling Brands

The best-selling brands made up a considerable portion of the category’s total revenue. The top 10 brands accounted for 59% of revenues in 2019, 64% in 2020, and 70% in the first two months of 2021. These ten brands outperformed the category for most of 2020. This could be attributed to the great performance of multiple leading brands.

Amberen and Estroven, ranked as the second and third best-selling brands in 2020, surpassed the previously best-selling brand, Smoky Mountain Naturals, in the first two months of 2021. Estroven showed more potential for sustainable growth than did Amberen, as the former outperformed the category throughout 2020 and the latter only outperformed in Q2 and Q3. Estroven’s market share rose from 12% in 2020 to nearly 15% in the first two months of 2021, while Amberen’s market share grew by only half a percentage point to 13.6% in the first two months of 2021. It is noteworthy that all of Amberen’s menopause supplements were in capsule form, while 70% of Estroven’s menopause supplement revenue came from tablets.

Nutrafol is another brand with great potential. Despite underperforming the category by a significant margin in Q2 and Q3 2020, its revenue skyrocketed in Q4 2020. Its market share subsequently jumped from 5.37% in 2020 to 9.78% in the first two months of 2021. On the flip side, Smoky Mountain Naturals, formerly the best-selling brand, dropped to the third in 2021 with its market share falling to 11.65% from 19.01% in 2019. Moreover, Happy Healthy Hippie, ranked as the 7th, saw its market share almost tripled from 2019 until the most recent days. Balanced Femme, the 8th best-selling, had its market share almost halved over the same period. Even though these two brands were ranked comparatively high, their market shares were only around 2% to 4%. In fact, the revenue of this category has been clustered towards the five dominating brands out of the 122 active brands, which in aggregate took up more than half of the total revenue. 

Best-Selling Products

In the list of the top 20 ASINs of 2020, there were only four ASINs that did not belong to any of the top 10 brands. Only one of those ASINs cracked the top 10 –. B079LYN1HP from Membrasin, which ranked as the 7th best-selling ASIN. However, this ASIN dropped from the 3rd to the 7th spot from 2019 to 2020. B071L78LLB from Naturelo, was the only one out of the four that consistently outperformed the category for more than a quarter in 2020. This ASIN climbed from the 27th position to 15th from 2019 to 2020.

To close, capsules and tablets will continue to sustain their market dominance in 2021 – with potentially more substantial and sustainable growth in the menopause supplements category. A select few brands represent a majority of the category’s revenue, and this proportion is projected to grow even bigger. This might signal escalated difficulties for smaller brands to make breakthroughs in the category.

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