No End in Sight for Eye Supplement Sales Online

Eye health is becoming more important to consumers. The good news is, there are many ways to keep eyes healthy, aside from just eating carrots. For example, eye supplements are used by consumers to prevent unwanted eye conditions, lower disease risk, and slow the progression of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). To better understand the rising popularity of eye supplements and what consumers are demanding in today’s market, we analyzed their performance on Amazon over the past 24 months. Read on for our findings.

Eye Supplement Sales Are Increasing Online

Sales for eye supplements have been steadily increasing on Amazon over the past two years, as seen in the graph below. As of June 2021, these supplements experienced a 62% year-over-year (YoY) growth rate — well above the 54% growth rate of all supplements on Amazon during the same time period. In June 2021, eye supplement sales also reached their highest levels yet and there is no end in “sight.”

Eye Supplement Sales on Amazon ($)

Softgels Hold the Majority of Market Share For Delivery Form

Eye supplements come in a variety of delivery forms on Amazon. The most notable of them all is softgels, which holds 69% market share and is growing at a rate of 63% YoY. Interestingly, tablets, chewables, and gummies, which hold much smaller market shares (6%, 2%, and 1%, respectively), are growing more quickly YoY (71%, 94%, and 75%, respectively). Given their high growth rates, it may be important to keep a close watch over these delivery forms in the months to come.

Eye Supplement Top Delivery Forms By Market Share

The Top Eye Supplement Brands & Products on Amazon

The lion’s share of eye supplement sales on Amazon, or 57%, are held by the subcategory’s top five brands: Bausch + Lomb, EyePromise, ScienceBased Health, Puritan’s Pride, and Life Extension. Additionally, the top 10 eye supplement brands capture 63% of the subcategory’s market share. Given this high percentage, it seems like it could be difficult for new brands to successfully enter the market and current brands to move up in the ranks. However, when analyzing market dynamics more closely, we also see that 7 of the 10 top brands are growing slower than the overall category, which suggests that there is room for brands to enter and successfully compete.

According to our data, below are the best-selling products online. Note that the above-mentioned top brands are also producing these bestsellers on Amazon.

The 5 Best-Selling Eye Supplement Products on Amazon

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