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MAP Enforcement

MAP violation monitoring and enforcement is becoming an increasingly more challenging, time-consuming, and frustrating task for brands as consumers flock to eCommerce. With our MAP technology and in-house investigation team, brands can feel confident that any compliance issues are efficiently and thoughtfully resolved. We make MAP enforcement easy.

Identify vioaltions

Identify Violations with Our Software

Our Amazon MAP Enforcement software scans the marketplace around-the-clock to identify any price violations. Instantly view MAP violations by ASIN and time period, plus access the violators’ identity and contact information.

Impactful reports

Uncover the Details with Our Team

Once identified, we do the heavy lifting. Our investigative team will further research all violations, package them into detailed reports, and consult with your team on next steps that ensure Amazon compliance.

Resolve violations

Take Back Control of Your Brand

As a final step, our investigative team will communicate directly with non-compliant resellers or distributors and ensure corrective action is taken. We put in the hours of time and effort, so you don’t have to.

Benefits of Our MAP Enforcement Solution

Benefits of MAP

Save Time & Get Peace of Mind

Enforcing Amazon seller compliance on your own is extremely tedious and leaves the door open for rogue sellers to slip through the cracks. Save hundreds of hours annually with our MAP software and compliance team on your side.

Improve Relationships

With your MAP policy being followed, foster stronger relationships with authorized resellers by improving their margins, as well as attract new retailers that feel confident your pricing is consistent and competitive.

Enhance Brand Equity

Your brand is only as strong as its perceived value. Rely on us to protect your brand’s reputation by preventing other online resellers from tarnishing it. This strengthens one of your most important assets– consumer confidence.

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ClearCut has a strong database of who the violators and diverters actually are. If you don’t know that, you will be radically unsuccessful. They know all of the aliases!”

MediNaturaNational Sales DirectorMediNatura

Not familiar with MAP?

MAP is the “minimum advertised price” for a product, and a MAP policy is a legal document intended to protect brands from price erosion. When a MAP policy is not followed, however, it is not just the integrity of a brand that is threatened. For example, it may lead to a brand’s online resellers’ and brick-and-mortar retailers’ margins being reduced and consumers left confused about which products are real versus counterfeit. Although sites like Amazon and Alibaba have started assisting with MAP issues, the weight of the burden still falls on brands today. Luckily, we are here to help with our brand intelligence software and enforcement services. Learn more.