The Competition Heats Up Across Libido Support Supplements

Consumers are increasingly turning to Amazon to purchase supplements that may be helpful in boosting the body’s libido and sexual function. Marketed both for men and women, libido support supplements are undoubtedly gaining popularity — a signal for brands to consider making an investment in the category.  

Read on to learn key insights and trends about libido support supplements.

Year-Over-Year Growth

The libido support category saw a 32% YoY growth over the course of the past two years. The category revenue fluctuated within a range of 2-7% month over month except for March, April, and May 2020. It plummeted by 13% in March, and subsequently rebounded strongly with 27% and 20% MoM growth in April and May, respectively.

Delivery Methods

Products in this category are sold in 8 different delivery methods. 

  • Products in capsule form represented almost 72% of the total revenue, and slightly outperformed the category’s YoY growth at 36%. 
  • Tablets accounted for approximately 19% of the category revenue but underperformed the category YoY with 22% growth – in fact, it was the only delivery method that underperformed when compared to the category as a whole. 
  • The remaining 9% of market share was split among the remaining six delivery methods, with only powder having more than a nominal share, at 2%.

Top Brands and Best-Selling Products

When analyzing the top brands and best-selling products in the category, it is evident that now is an exciting time to be selling libido support supplements and the competition is heating up. New players are entering the space and gaining considerable momentum, and innovative products from both big and small brands are catching consumers’ attention. 

Top Brands

When looking at the top brands in the category, we saw that there were four new entrants to the top 10 brands by revenue in the past 12 months, 2 of which saw very incredible YoY growth: Male UltraCore with 447% YoY growth, and Eu Natural with 132%. Another brand, Toniiq, began selling their only product in the category in Q1 of 2020, and saw that product become the 11th-ranked product in the category in the last 12 months. The last new entrant, Nobi Nutrition, actually slightly underperformed the category with 30% YoY growth. The top 5 brands, however, remained the same, even though Better Mornings and Nugenix, the most recent first and second best-selling brand, switched positions. 

Other than the abovementioned new entrants with soaring YoY growth, Better Mornings, with a 18% market share and an 87% YoY growth, was the only remaining top 10 brand that outperformed the category. The second and third best-selling brands, representing 8% and 4% of market share respectively, saw YoY declines of up to 25% in revenue. The top 10 brands collectively accounted for almost 45% of the total revenue and saw a YoY increase of 27%. 

Best-Selling Products

In aggregate,the top 20 products made up 46% of the category’s revenue and saw a 35% YoY growth, outperforming the category by 3%. Eight of the top 20 products underperformed the category, four of which saw YoY declines of up to 35% in revenue. There were seven new entrants to the top 20 products based on revenue in the last 12 months. Four of the new entrants were from smaller, lesser-known brands. Other than the new entrants, B07PXGH6VN and B07BJM7V8H also had their revenue soar by 124% and 132% YoY respectively. There were 18 capsule products and 2 tablet products within the top 20. These 18 capsule products collectively had a 51% YoY growth, while the 2 tablet products collectively barely saw movement, at only 2% YoY growth. 

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