Transform Negative Reviews Into Positive Results for Your Business

This blog post is inspired by our “How Negative Reviews Can Be a Positive for Your Business” infographic. Access it here

Negative reviews are simply unavoidable. While they may not be enjoyable to read, or easy to hear, ClearCut is here to tell you that some bad reviews are not the end-all, be-all to a product’s lifespan. In fact, how you choose to address bad reviews may actually be good news for your business. 

Here are some important reasons why brands should prioritize reviews, and when managed well, can reap positive results.

Save Relationships with Current Customers

Negative reviews from your customers may range from an issue with the effectiveness of a product, to criticism about shipping or price. Whatever it is, and even if the feedback is out of your control, NO response is the WORST response. Why? Customers who leave negative reviews expect businesses to respond and offer ways to remedy their situation quickly. In fact, 53% of customers expect a reply within one week.

What’s more, and what’s good news for your business, is that seven in 10 customers say that their opinion about a brand changed after getting a response to their review Thus, an apologetic response may very likely result in a second chance and customers’ ongoing loyalty more times than not. 

Potential New Customers Are Paying Close Attention 

Reviews are not only about retaining your current customers, but also an integral piece of your brand’s continued success. 68% of purchasing decisions are done with product reviews in mind. Additionally, 78% of online consumers trust reviews equally, if not more so than a personal recommendation from someone they know. 

Reviews are undeniably powerful for attaining new business, but did you know that 85% of consumers are not looking for the perfect five-star product review? They are actually looking for negative reviews as well. Put simply, too many positive reviews can make a business seem fake. Consumers want to see a “worst-case scenario” and more importantly, they want to see how a business responds to those reviews before deciding to buy. 

Customers Value Authenticity & Empathy 

Another piece of advice is to not respond to a customer’s review just to do so. 97% of review readers pay close attention to a brand’s response– so reply with intention, or with a clear game plan, and know that authenticity and empathy matter. Here are some simple ways to show you care:

  • Thank the reviewer, no matter how harsh the comment may seem. If you are defensive, excuses will stick out and perhaps deter future customers from your brand altogether. 
  • Address the issue. If there is a viable solution, present it. For example, offering a replacement item or credit for the purchase is an excellent way to demonstrate care for your customers. 
  • Personalize the message. A personalized response (e.g., first names, first-person language, direct email response address) can instigate empathy in consumers. These personalized responses highlight the human face behind the company and give the feeling of human interaction. 


At the end of the day, reviews are really about customer service. View your negative reviews not as an obstacle, but an opportunity to show you care, to improve your product, and make your business better than it was yesterday. If your brand needs support with optimizing your review management, please reach out to us here

This blog post is inspired by our “How Negative Reviews Can Be a Positive for Your Business” infographic. Access it here