Webinar: What’s Fueling the Sports Nutrition Boom on Amazon?

NSF International (NSF) has partnered with ClearCut Analytics to offer an exclusive webinar focused on Sports Nutrition sales and consumer trends on Amazon.

Register for the event, taking place on November 17, 2021 at 2 PM ET, HERE.

Presentation Overview

What’s Fueling the Sports Nutrition Boom on Amazon?

The Sports Nutrition segment has exploded over the last decade, with regular consumers realizing that fueling the body for activity isn’t reserved for just elite athletes.­ ­ So which products are driving the growth of this category? What exactly are consumers demanding in their Sports Nutrition supplements?

Through a one-hour webinar, ClearCut Analytics and NSF International will share:

  • Why Amazon data and insights are a leading indicator of trends for the Sports Nutrition market;
  • How Sports Nutrition has evolved over the past two years, with a close look at Pre- and Post-Workout Supplements and Protein Powder;
  • Which attributes – delivery form, flavor, protein source, etc. — are gaining popularity;
  • Key insights about top-selling products and new category entrants; and
  • A case study around how Amazon insights underscore consumers’ ongoing commitment to quality standards and the ROI of an NSF certification.

About the Speakers

Dan Harari leads business development for ClearCut Analytics, an eCommerce insights provider based in Chicago, Illinois. Dan’s passion for retail, health, and the power of data to drive better decision-making inspires his role for building partnerships and new client relationships with brands, ingredient suppliers, retailers, trade organizations, and research groups. Prior to ClearCut, Dan held leadership and entrepreneurial positions at companies in the CPG ecosystem, supporting sales, brand management, and data analytics.

Phil Tucker is the Global Business Development Director for the Health Sciences division here at NSF. Phil is a product development expert with decades of experience in helping manufacturers and retailers grow their dietary supplement and OTC drug product sales.

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