Why You Should Invest In Amazon’s Sponsored Brands Video

Looking for new and effective ways to help your products stand out on the Amazon marketplace? If so, now is the time to tap into Sponsored Brands video. The latest ad format allows sellers who leverage Sponsored Brands to capitalize on the power of video content in addition to the regular image-based advertisements. Not only do videos engage users in a more meaningful way, but they are also a lesser utilized tactic that can make your brand stand out.

Continue reading to learn more about why your brand should try Sponsored Brands video and best practices for a successful strategy. 

Why Invest in Sponsored Brands Video?

Here are some reasons why you should invest in Sponsored Brands video:

  • Be Memorable. Video has proven time again to be better at engaging users than regular ads. For example, did you know that consumers retain 95% of a message when they watch video, compared to 10% when reading it in text?
  • Be a “Scroll-Stopper.” Videos are considerably more “scroll-stopping” as consumers browse search results, making this ad format a great way to increase clickthrough rates and conversions. Shoppers with high purchase intent can easily watch videos to learn about your brand’s product before clicking the listing, thereby increasing the chances they commit to your items over a competitor. 
  • Get In the Door Early. Sponsored Brands video are relatively new to Amazon. While released as a closed beta program in June 2019, Amazon has made this ad format an open beta for every brand to use in approved areas. Jump on board early while the bids are lower and you can get a better return on your investment. 
  • It’s Integrated. If you already know how to use the Sponsored Ads creative builder, then videos should be relatively straightforward to set up. You can upload your completed video the same way you would do so for your other marketing assets. 

Best Practices When Creating Sponsored Brands Video

Ready to create your first Sponsored Brands video? Here are some best practices to take note of: 

  • Show the product within the first couple of seconds. There can be multiple products included but focusing on one is the best way to cut the clutter.
  • 15-30 seconds is ideal to ensure you are catching the viewer’s eye, but not oversharing.
  • Highlight the important features/ benefits in the video, and highlight how the product stands out from the competitors.
  • Loop the video to ensure it does not abruptly end. 
  • Optimize the video for advertising by ensuring it is digestible without sound, the text is large enough when viewing on a phone, and there are no unnecessary transition effects. 
  • Lastly, if you are driving consumers to your storefront, make sure that the products being featured in your video are on the landing page. Consumers will likely be looking for that specific product after viewing the video, and would be surprised to find it missing from the storefront!

Top Reasons Amazon Rejects Sponsored Brands Video

In addition to following best practices, your brand should avoid these top rejection reasons so that your Sponsored Brands video is approved by Amazon without a hitch: 

  • There are black or empty frames at the start or end of videos. Do not waste your chance to engage shoppers by using black or empty frames.
  • The video is abruptly cropped at the maximum video duration. Abrupt edits can result in an incomplete video and a poor customer experience.
  • The video includes Amazon branding elements. Amazon trademarks, products, or references to Amazon products or services are prohibited. These videos are about your brand and its products, not Amazon.
  • The video includes customer reviews. Customer reviews (including star ratings), even if these reviews are on Amazon, are not permitted. Let consumers find the reviews on their own.

Critical Acceptance Criteria 

As a final but important note, video ads must meet the following criteria to be accepted:

  • Critical content within the video (such as on-screen text) must not obstruct the user interface. To ensure your video meets this guideline, please download the safe area template.
  • All on-screen text must be a minimum of 30 pts and be legible. It may be easy to read on a desktop, but is it easy to read on a mobile device?
  • Letterboxing/Pillarboxing: Videos should not have black bars on any side of the video content.
  • Videos must be in the language of the locale in which it is displayed, be easily understandable, and clearly identify the brand or product promoted.

Should you have any additional questions about Sponsored Brands video, or would like to see some examples from our clients, please connect with me here